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A Winning Year-End Fundraising Campaign Plan Right Out Of The Box

Suppose you were handed an effective fundraising strategy, all wrapped up with what you need to maximize donations.

For your year-end campaign.

A doable-right-now action plan tailored specifically to your nonprofit’s cause, donors, and channels.

And you received this plan just three weeks after you said “Put it together.

You’d have a donation-boosting powerhouse in record time!

Instead, what do you typically have?

If you’re like most nonprofits, your fundraising is a vital lifeline for things like operations, program development, and achieving goals.

It also promotes community engagement and can lead to partnerships that offer otherwise unavailable resources.

Plus, along with showing appreciation to your donors, it can raise awareness and activism for your cause to help advance your mission.

BUT — all too often, fundraising campaigns are far less than effective and are likely the product of guesswork.

The message can be lost, unmoving, conflicting, confusing, or even worse, wrong.

Communication timing and channels could be unsuitable.

Constituents may be lumped into one unsegmented group, causing many to get sends that just aren’t applicable.

Donors may not be stewarded toward greater amounts. Perhaps the campaign doesn’t have enough touch points to prompt significant giving.

And so on and so forth.

As such, many year-end fundraising campaigns fall well short of their potential, leaving audiences uninterested with dollars still in their wallets.

I need a change!

Discover CauseMic’s Year-End Fundraising Campaign Plan

Make your hard-fought fundraising activities count.

Start enjoying campaigns that foster engagement, amplify impact, and drive substantial donations.

Completely customized for your nonprofit, our Fundraising Campaign Plan puts three campaign must-haves at your fingertips:

  1. CAMPAIGN BRIEFYour revenue goal and the roadmap to get there

    At a glance, you’ll see your various audiences, how you’re reaching them, targeted events, and campaign duration. A truly actionable plan.

    It’s like an executive summary, with enough details to give you a good handle on your fundraising campaign.

  2. CORE MESSAGINGYour guide for unified, effective campaign copy

    This specifies desired messaging, keeping your team aligned on verbiage to use in emails, ads, direct mail, social media, etc.

    For background, it includes a narrative consisting of your nonprofit’s origins, why it’s needed, who inspired it, and so on.

    Importantly, core messaging provides appropriate impact statements, calls to action, and supporting statistics from which your content creators can quickly choose.

  3. COMMUNICATIONS CALENDAR Your detailed timetable for send-outs

    Creating compelling content is half the battle. The other half is communicating it effectively.

    As such, your Communications Calendar is crucial for campaign success and features the classic who, what, where, when, and how for each piece:

    Who...... Is it going to everyone? One-timers? Monthly donors? Subscribers?

    What..... The high-level messaging and call to action

    Where... From where is this coming: The nonprofit team? The CEO?

    When.... Date to send

    How...... Email, direct mail, paid ad, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Find out more!


Tangible outcomes of our Year-End Fundraising Campaign Plan

Perfect for busy leaders short of time or tight on budget, you’ll get:

  • A strong, custom campaign strategy for your team to execute right now
  • A clear roadmap of what to say, when to say it, and how to deliver it
  • A proven framework for REPEATABLE use in future campaigns

Why choose CauseMic to help your fundraising?

Proven Results
Since our founding as a growth consultancy in 2013, CauseMic has run hundreds of fundraising campaigns, like the one we managed for DigDeep that led to a 325% increase in donations and over $1.6M in revenue.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

We all came from high-growth nonprofits, learning what it takes to quickly grow revenue in a resource-constrained environment. We put this experience to good use by providing you with the key, time-tested elements of a successful fundraising campaign.

Your Need for Speed
Knowing your time is likely in short supply, we get right to work. In just three weeks, we’ll hand off your Fundraising Campaign Plan, ready for immediate execution.

Your Peers Speak

What’s really unique about CauseMic is that they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. They really roll up their sleeves and get under the hood to understand all of the nuances of an organization.



Working with the CauseMic team has been a total gift. Their expertise has provided manpower, tools, and resources we just don’t have and can’t afford internally right now. They are thorough, talented, and an absolute joy to work with. Most of all, they seem to love our organization as much as we do.


61.3% increase in revenue

This new revenue stream bolstered our programs and elevated our mindset to aim higher in all areas of our organization. We are extremely proud of our partnership with CauseMic, and I highly recommend working with them if you want to take your ROI to the next level.


100.4% Increase in revenue

With just one full-time employee (myself) and an intern, I could not have imagined securing a 55.9% increase in revenue year-over-year. But that’s what we did with the support of the powerhouse team at CauseMic.



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