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Introducing Brian August: Catalyst for Growth and Impact at CauseMic

In the dynamic world of nonprofit leadership, few individuals possess the blend of experience, passion, and vision that Brian August, newly appointed as Chief Growth Officer at CauseMic, brings to the table. With a diverse background spanning various positions across multiple industries, Brian embodies a wealth of strategic insight that has driven growth and success at every turn.

A Multifaceted Journey to Nonprofit Impact

Armed with MBA and JD degrees, Brian's journey began in the aerospace sector, where he honed his skills in operations and supply chain management before venturing into roles in consumer products, retail, pulp and paper, and more. These experiences, along with his adept leadership skills, propelled him through a series of progressively senior roles. Eventually, this journey culminated in the creation of a strategy and operations practice at Slalom Consulting's Portland office.

Yet, it was Brian's desire to leverage his skills and experience for the greater good that led him to the nonprofit sector. Brian transitioned to the Oregon Humane Society as their Chief Operating Officer, where he successfully led the organization’s largest ever $40 million campus expansion to better deliver vital community services, oversaw the doubling of the society’s assets and employees, led the acquisition of a complementary animal welfare nonprofit, and elevated the emergency response capabilities of Oregon Humane that saw it rise to one of the most sought after animal disaster-response organizations in the nation. His passion for fostering growth and developing organizations that drive change and impact brought him to CauseMic as its new Chief Growth Officer.

A Vision for Nonprofit Success

Brian's CauseMic role places him at the helm of the consultancy’s strategy and project delivery to clients, and aiding clients in their own strategic and organizational development. He holds a unique perspective—having worked for over two decades with nonprofits and for-profit entities alike, Brian values both efficient execution and the profound community impact that nonprofits strive to achieve.

What makes Brian's contribution truly impactful is his commitment to integrating technology and fundraising approaches within nonprofit missions. Brian champions a donor-centric approach, aligning fundraising efforts with organizational strategy to cement meaningful connections between donors and the impact of their support.

Empowerment Through Communication and Coaching

Brian's leadership style centers equally on both achieving goals (a great fit with CauseMIc’s “Sleeves Up” cultural principle) and promoting open communication, empathy, and empowerment. He’s committed to creating a “safe space” for discussion and a culture of coaching in which direct feedback is delivered with the intention of mutual growth and improvement.

His diverse experience equips him with the ability to navigate challenges, guiding teams toward optimal solutions while ensuring individual well-being remains at the forefront. Such well-being includes nurturing professional growth of team members to enhance their value to clients.

Promoting Balanced Outcomes

Brian's holistic approach combines structure with adaptability, ensuring that organizations can innovate and scale without sacrificing efficiency. This includes CauseMic. His intent is to ensure that company growth goes hand-in-hand with paying attention to details. Brian focuses on striking the balance between a structure that provides stability and clarity with fostering an environment that encourages experimenting with new and different approaches to addressing challenges and looking for previously unseen opportunities.

This notion of balance extends to individuals as well. Brian encourages them to reach their potential by consistently delivering quality, but also by embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth. Brian should know—his participation in Ironman Triathlons has reinforced how discipline and hard work can pay off in the winner’s circle, but also how systemically introducing stress and allowing for recovery can help one come back even stronger. Ironman also creates many learning opportunities as unanticipated challenges and obstacles arise and the only control an athlete has for addressing these is of their own attitude.

Brian's Call to Aspiring Leaders

For up-and-coming leaders looking to make a profound impact, Brian emphasizes the power of active listening. By deeply engaging with others, showing respect for their perspectives, and fostering open communication, leaders can guide their organizations toward growth and success.

* * * * *

In Brian August, CauseMic benefits from a dynamic leader poised to drive growth, amplify impact, and inspire positive change within the nonprofit sector. His unique blend of expertise, compassion, and strategic vision positions him as a catalyst for success for both CauseMic and its clientele.

Welcome aboard, Brian!